A Few Pictures of Broccoli

On Monday we had a 36-week ultrasound with the high-risk OB we were referred to by my OB.

The reason we had to (a) have a 36-week US and (b) have it with a high-risk office is that Kaitlyn had a few problems during delivery, and so her 9lb 1 oz is basically the biggest size baby I can have without a C-section. So we had to get a good estimate of how big Broccoli is, and then extrapolate how big she will probably be by the time I give birth, and then decide whether the risks are more on our side for a C-section, or just hoping she’s not too big.

Well, long story short (that actually is the short version), Broccoli is doing great, and weighs approx. 6lb 5oz (+-10%). So estimating about a half pound weight gain a week over the next 3 1/2 weeks, she shouldn’t be too much bigger than 8.5 lbs. Of course, I have to see my OB next week to see what she says, but I’m encouraged.

Plus, we got to see Broccoli again. And not just the regular ultrasound shots (which set me on a fit of giggling when it reminded me of the dinosaur imaging at the beginning of Jurassic Park); this U/S included some 4D imaging – and it was covered by our insurance as opposed to paying out of pocket for one of those places!

I still think they look a little freaky, and this isn’t really the best still of all we saw, but Broccoli kept putting her hand in her face (sucking her thumb, just like her big sister). I think her expression in this picture is “Seriously, quit poking me, quit sending those sound waves in, and let me suck my thumb in peace!”

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