Think PINK!

That’s right! At our recent 34-week ultrasound we found out that Broccoli is a girl! Wanna see her picture?In case you can’t read the little white word it says “FACE”. If you still can’t see it, tilt your head to your right shoulder. That’s her in profile, facing the top of the picture. You could also click for a larger picture.

This isn’t the first picture we have of her, but in the pictures below of her 20 week ultrasound we didn’t know she was a she.
For that one, tilt your head to the right. You can tell how much smaller she is!

Here are a couple more pictures. The left one has LEGS and ARMS, and the right one is another of the FACE. I can see it, but I’m not going to pretend they’re the clearest pictures ever! We’ll get better pictures once Broccoli and occupy separate spaces.


2 responses to “Think PINK!

  1. Suzanne Parker Miller

    Tante Suz and Uncle Steve can’t wait to see both little girls!!! Thanks for the updated photos of the girls. I want to see photos of MOM and Dad soon too!!! Gotta get those pre-delivery photos in with baby #2 too! Love and miss you all!

  2. oh yay! another little girl!! poor keith’s gonna be a little out-numbered…but i’ve heard that’s good for men. 🙂

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