All the world is a playground, and we are all merely players

Over the past few (if nearly six is a few) months, we (and mainly I mean Keith) have been building a playground for Kaitlyn (and future children, like Broccoli).

It took some doing. The backyard sloped, so Keith built a retaining wall, excavated by the flower box, bought a load of topsoil and evened out the whole thing. Then came the building weekend. Along with Pop, Keith built the frame, most of the roof, and the swing arm. It was usable!

We found out the included swings only held up to 150 lbs, which left Keith and me out of the fun, so our next few trips to the hardware store had us stocking up on “reinforced” hangers, an adult swing, and a trapeze bar/rings combo.

Then came the rock climbing wall. My contribution was driving to all of the Home Depots trying to get enough rocks, and then finally ordering them so we would have enough. Keith build the wall, and Kaitlyn is getting pretty good at climbing it herself!

A few weekends ago Pop helped out again, and the set was basically finished by adding monkey bars, a ladder, and a few more roof slats.

Keith did a great great job, and Kaitlyn has been loving it all summer long. Now that the days are getting cooler (and the bugs getting less), she’ll be able to enjoy it even more!

Next step? Adding some grass or mulch or something, and then maybe a cute little playhouse. Hey, we’re going to have two girls!


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