A Short, Silly Girl in a Black Dress

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a “Sunday Morning Finery” picture, and we thought you might be curious as to Kaitlyn’s cuteness. Or her wardrobe.

Kaitlyn is big into picking her own clothes now, so even when she can’t have carte blanche, I like to give her a choice between two (if it’s feasible). Today the choices were a new red plaid jumper, or a new black velvety dressy dress. She chose the dressy dress in a heartbeat.

“Mommy, I’m so pretty!” she told me, after getting dressed. And I, of course, think she is, too. Of course, we talked about how “pretty is as pretty does”, but we also decided she was very pretty in her dress and bow and tights and shoes.

After church came the “next to the dining room door” photo shoot, resulting in the picture to the left. Such a nice picture! Such a pretty smile! So… normal. But we had to go through a few pictures to get to this point. Kaitlyn has a kind of scary “smile” when that’s what you ask her to do. Your best bet is to just try to catch her being pleasant. Or else this could happen:
If you can’t see the slideshow, the pictures are below.


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