Her Own Style

Kaitlyn is growing up, and part of that is deciding she wants to pick out her own clothes.

Now, we’re not taking her to the mall and letting her pick out her own clothes or anything (for so many reasons that would be somewhat off-topic), but I have been encouraging her to find her own style.

Each morning she goes into her closet and looks through every shirt on the rack. Twice. I tried just having 2 or 3 shirts out for her to pick between, but she was not at all happy with that. After she (finally) picks out a shirt, whoever is getting her dressed picks a set of shorts or skirt to go with the top.

If she asks, we generally go with her shoe pick, too. Sandals or sneakers.

She has started picking out accessories recently, too. Maybe it’s a hairbow request. Maybe it’s a “purse” she picks out for the day. Recently she’s been on a real hat kick. The girl that never keeps a hat on her head when we put it there loves the hat above all other things when she picks it out.

If only we can apply the same principle to picking out vegetables…


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