Kaitlyn’s First Movie

Tonight Kaitlyn went to her first movie theater movie – with popcorn and all!

The local mall just opened a new 16-theater multiplex, and yesterday and today they were offering $2 movies and $1 popcorn & sodas. They had a mix of older and current movies, including Charlotte’s Web (last year’s live-action version, not the 70s animated classic). Talking animals? Sounds like a winner!

I bought tickets this afternoon, fearing the long lines and/or a sellout (remember, $2 movies – and 3 and under are free), but the line for the popcorn and sodas was insane. Luckily Auntie Kris was able to take Kaitlyn and her entourage (booster seat, Wolfie, backpack and water cup) to get us seats in the theater. Maybe we just didn’t need popcorn? Well, we didn’t, but since I had promised Kaitlyn…. you know how long 2-1/2 year old’s memories are!

I can’t say Kaitlyn was perfect, but for her first movie she was very good and really enjoyed herself. We may have to take her again!


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