‘Cause Somebody’s Getting Married Today!

For Memorial Day weekend we all went up to Pennsylvania for Suzanne’s wedding. We headed up on Friday morning so that we would be there in time for the Bachelorette Party (well, Katherine would be – Keith and Kaitlyn went out for some TGIFridays). Where are the pictures of that night? What happens in Bethlehem stays in Bethlehem!

Our hotel was right across the street from Dorney Park, and the two things Kaitlyn liked best about the hotel were the elevator (she pronounced it “O-lee-va-tor!”) and watching the roller coasters from our window (in Kaitlynese “roaster coasters!”).

Saturday afternoon Kaitlyn charmed the ladies at the Bridesmaid Luncheon held at a charming teahouse that made a deliciously sloppy PBJ for the picky eater. She didn’t ask for a special dessert – she liked our cake just fine!

Saturday evening we had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. As flower girl, Kaitlyn’s job was to walk down the aisle holding a basket of (fake) flowers in one hand and the hand of the four-year-old ring bearer, KJ, in the other. KJ’s father was a groomsman, and he was Katherine’s escort just before they were set to start off. She and KJ had both been prepped, and trotted cutely down the aisle. We all thought we had got one over one someone, and that this was going to go smoothly.

After a brief nap in the car for Kaitlyn, a few wrong turns on the way and the rehearsal dinner, we got back to the hotel in time to call up Amanda G. and Paula McC. who were up for the wedding and got to hang out with them for a while (and got called by our hotel neighbors to keep down the noise. What?).

Then it was THE BIG DAY already, and we prepared for the wedding. It was a hot day, and many many places in Pennsylvania don’t have central air: (a) they’re old and (b) most of the time they really just don’t need it. But this was a hot day, and the church was one of those places. Keith took Kaitlyn for a long stroller walk (and cookie adventure) while Katherine got her hair done, and then it was Kaitlyn’s turn. That’s right, the stylist did Kaitlyn’s wispy short hair. She got that troublesome hair – on the head of a two-and-a-half-year-old, no less! – into a pair of french braids that she wove together at the bottom. Think Greta in The Sound of Music – very cute.

Then came pictures, wedding, pictures, reception, a late-night drive to Nana and Pops with a very notable story in the middle. Remember KJ and Kaitlyn’s job? Well, KJ took it so seriously that he felt the need to hold Kaitlyn’s hand and lead her around all of the time. Which she didn’t mind – until he walked her into a door jam! After that, if KJ got too close she would cry. And KJ really wanted to walk her down the aisle, so the fact that she wouldn’t hold his hand made HIM cry! We ended up with Kaitlyn walking down the aisle with me, and KJ walking down the aisle with his daddy. Moravian weddings are long, you know, so Kaitlyn retreated quickly to Keith’s pew, where Suzanne had placed a basket full of books, crayons and cookies for her to enjoy. And she did!

It was great not only being there for my dear friend on such a happy day where she married a great guy, but it was great to see old friends and meet new ones (and in some cases meet old friends’ husbands and/or children!). Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Steven Miller!!!

PS – yes, Keith was there! He was the one taking the pictures! (except the one of Suz getting ready). Unfortunately, we don’t have a picture of the whole family. Trust me when I say he looked very handsome in his suit (which he pointed out he’s worn to every wedding we’ve been to since we met – including our own!).


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