Family Updates

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve updated, so here’ s a quick laundry list of news of the Dohls, with more to come soon.

  1. We went to Pennsylvania in May for Steve and Suzanne’s wedding! Katherine was a bridesmaid, and Kaitlyn was the cutest flower girl EVER. Keith was the best flower girl wrangler EVER!
  2. The three of us went on our first vacation with just our immediate family ever. It was a rambling trip with main stops in Pigeon Forge & Memphis, TN and St. Louis. We went to Graceland, Kaitlyn rode go karts, we went up in the Arch… lots of stuff!
  3. Kaitlyn is getting a new bedroom. The guest bedroom is in renovations to be the “Big Girl Bedroom”. We’re using this border with white wall bottom, chair rail, and moldings and a yellow wall top. I think we’re going to get my old bedroom set from my parents garage. Canopy bed with frills – what little girl wouldn’t love it?
  4. Actually, Kaitlyn’s room isn’t a “Big Girl Bedroom” – it’s a “Big Sister Bedroom”. That’s right – we’re expecting. November 10 is the due date, and we’re calling the baby “Broccoli” since we don’t know whether baby is a girl or boy.

pregnancy calendar

So that’s all for now!


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