Making the Bed is Fun!

This morning Kaitlyn helped me make the bed before breakfast. This isn’t completely out of the ordinary. Lots of days where Daddy is at work in the morning Kaitlyn helps make the bed, whether it’s just tucking up the sheets and comforters and evenly distributing the pillows or stripping the bed to the mattress pad and putting on clean sheets.

But today there were two things that added to the fun.

First, we watched Sesame Street while making the bed. Kaitlyn gets to watch the end of Sesame Street after she eats breakfast, but rarely gets to see more than “Elmo’s World”. Today she got to see it from the very beginning.

Second, Kaitlyn helped rotate the mattress. That’s where the real fun came in. We have a pillowtop mattress, so you don’t flip it, you just rotate it every so often. With Kaitlyn sitting in the very middle of the bed I pushed and maneuvered the edges until it had made a 180 degree rotation. Kaitlyn giggled and laughed through the whole process, and then “helped” layer the bed with fresh linens.


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