Manis for Mommy & Me

The other night Kaitlyn came to me with a bottle of red-tinted nail polish. She wanted me to use it. On her.

Kaitlyn has not had her nails polished since she was about 5 months old. And then it was just her toes. And I basically never have nails (darn that biting!), let alone the desire to polish them, so I’m not sure what made her ask.

First, we found a more appropriate shade – both for fingers, and beyond that the fingers of a 2-year-old. We (I) settled on a light champagne color. She sat patiently while I painted a thin coat on each of her little fingernails, and then during the second coat. She managed to not smudge them while they were drying. She said they were “Pribby” (pretty).

She asked me to do my nails, too (“Mommy dosome pribby fingers too”), and I actually have fingernails right now so I went for it. Kaitlyn examined both of our hands and declared it good.

We told Daddy on the phone, and the next morning at breakfast he checked out Kaitlyn’s little fingers. “Well, what color are they normally?” he questioned. Apparently the color was too subtle for someone so manly to discern 🙂

Next up – mommy & me pedicures?


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