Children’s Prayers

I almost didn’t post this, but Keith just thought it was so funny…

Kaitlyn loves to pray. Blessings, bedtime prayers, or just for the fun of it. At mealtimes you have to ask for blessings after each plate is put down to eat – and everyone within the house has to pray with her.

After we pray before she goes down for a nap or to bed for the night she often asks if it’s ok if she and BB pray (of course!). Some of those prayers really show “faith of a child” – “God you’re welcome [Kaitlyn for ‘thank you’] chicken nuggets.” “Jesus loves me Amen.”

Today at lunch after we had all eaten she said she wanted to pray.

“Sure! What are you going to pray about?”

“Getsome presents for Daddy.”

We checked again to see if that’s what she really said. And she says it is. I guess I can’t say she’s selfish – she was asking for presents for Daddy. But it’s still kind of weird.


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