Lunch on the Porch

What beautiful weather we’re having!

When I came home for lunch today, we decided to eat on the deck, and give our patio furniture the first workout of the season. The air was already smoky and delicious-smelling from the grill where Keith made our grilled chicken, and after loading up Kaitlyn’s plate, my salad and Keith’s mashed potatoes, we sat down to dine al fresco.

Kaitlyn loved that she was sitting in a “rocking chair” (our patio chairs rock slightly). She loved that it was a big chair. She loved that we were outside and she could see her cool car. She loved pointing to her feet and waving her hands beneath the frosted glass top. She actually managed to even eat in the midst of all the excitement!

We overlooked the developing play area – we are almost ready for our truckload of dirt to level off the terrace and we need to go ahead and order the slide and other “fun hardware” for the playground. Days like today were made for playing outside, and it will be that much more fun when the playarea has more than busted roots and dirt piles!

We hope you are having great weather – and really enjoying it!

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