What’s Kaitlyn Talking About?

Kaitlyn is a talker.

This will shock a grand total of zero people reading this blog that have ever met me (or know my husband outside of casual meetings). She has a genetic predisposition to be a talker.

There is a story about me when I was very little. My grandmother sent me to go get a diaper for a diaper change. “This is ridiculous!” I reportedly said, to which my grandmother agreed that it was ridiculous that a girl that could say ridiculous would still need a diaper change.

That story could be told with Kaitlyn now. She has a vocabulary of multisyllabic words that rival children far older than her two years. She still talks gobbledygook (hey! that word was in my spell checker!) part of the time.

She can’t say her own name (or won’t – she claims her name is “Baby Becky”). But she can talk about homophones and give you examples – two, to; pare, pear, pair; nose, knows. Well, kind of.

There is a song on her favorite show of all time (Do the Moo Shoo Silly Songs Sing-along) called “Schoolhouse Polka” where the verses use these examples and the chorus extols the vocabularic wonders that are homophones. If you one of those sets a few times, she’ll cry out: “Homophones!” and then talk about the others. OK, again, I don’t claim she knows exactly what she’s talking about, but we still marvel at her!

Other “big words” that stud her vocabulary (and are used more or less accurately)? “Awesome!”, “You’re welcome, ma’am”, “probably”, and “Gated Community” (although the last one is very specific in nature, I suppose).

3 responses to “What’s Kaitlyn Talking About?

  1. Have you heard the gated community silly song on Veggie Tales?

    “Can I get my ball? I lost my ball. I kicked my ball into the tree. And my ball bounced up. And my ball fell in … to the gated community.”

    Poor Larry. The guys in the gated community are too busy singing about playing golf and tennis and wearing kakhi pants to throw him his ball. If he only lived in the gated community! :/

  2. If you think there was some other way she knew the phrase “gated community” I would love to know it 🙂

    And don’t forget, they also want you to know that their gated unity is free of unsightly stray debris (free, free of debris).

  3. Suzanne Parker (Miller)

    Schoolhouse Polka… my, my, my… that sounds strangely familiar… yes I do believe like mother, like daughter… didn’t you dance to “Polka your eyes out” way back in the West Forsyth years… just a memory, in plaid-a vision!

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