Valentine’s at the Dohl’s

As a loving family, we can’t overlook Valentine’s Day. We can decline to buy into the increasing idea that it is a gift giving occasion, but I’ll take the opportunity to go out to dinner, and if flowers are involve, well, so much the better.

This year Valentine’s Day involved all of the above. February 13th Keith and Kaitlyn gave me their cards and a beautiful vase of tulips. I had made a card for Keith with a crocheted heart on the front. Auntie Kris came over to sit while Keith and I trekked to Maggiano’s for dinner (family style for two! thanks to the Ares Family for the heads up!).

Valentine’s Day Proper Keith had a full day of court and patrol, but we found a time to get our Valentine’s pictures for the grandparents. Kaitlyn finished coloring the cards that evening, after giving Auntie her Valentine flowers and cards and after going out for pizza!


One response to “Valentine’s at the Dohl’s

  1. I think that this year, Valentine’s day was filled with hope. And hope is good. It does not dissapoint.

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