What’s Kaitlyn Up To?

I’m trying to get better about posting even when I don’t have photos to share. Amazingly, a lot goes on that doesn’t get captured on camera!

For example, did you know that Kaitlyn has had her first haircut? It consisted of me quickly snipping her hair even across the back in about 7 snips with a pair of hair shears. She didn’t lose length, just the straggly look.

And did you know that Kaitlyn can sing? Her favorite songs to sing are “B-I-B-L-E”, “Jesus Loves Me”, “Oh Where is My Hairbrush?” and “I Don’t Got a Bellybutton”. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of the last two – they are from Kaitlyn’s favorite show, VeggieTales. She absolutely loves the sing-along video “Do the Moo Shoo!”, especially when Auntie Kris sings, too!

Kaitlyn loves books even more than ever, and her favorite books right now are a set that my mom got her that are all in Spanish. And her favorite is El Arca de Noe (can you guess what that is?). Unfortunately, Mommy is the only one that will read the books to her, although Auntie has told her the stories in English.

Tonight Nana and Pop came by on their way back from Florida, and they came bearing gifts. Here are the two T-shirts they got her:


One response to “What’s Kaitlyn Up To?

  1. Thanks for the tid-bits! They make me feel close!!

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