Carolina Girls; Best in the World!

Little Miss K loves doing things “like Mommy” and “like Daddy”. Whether it’s talking on the phone like Mommy (although Mommy hates talking on the phone, and doesn’t do it much), or playing “ballball” (basketball) like Daddy, or cheering for the Tar Heels like Mommy (and even more like Auntie Kristina); if she thinks it’s like Mommy and Daddy she’s all for it!

These pictures were taken before Auntie Kristina came over to borrow Mommy’s jersey for the Carolina/Wake game. Kaitlyn wanted to really play basketball (that is, throw the ball around) in the den, but this was clearly not preferred behavior!

One response to “Carolina Girls; Best in the World!

  1. Clearly the best in the world! What great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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