Trip to Drewery’s Bluff

A few weeks ago on a rare day where neither adult Dohl had work of any kind, we took a brief trip to Drewery’s Bluff (or, as the Yanks called it, Ft. Darling).

We packed the “cool car” (which is Kaitlyn-term for “my favorite stroller ever to exist!”) and went over to the park. After parking [next to whom, if I am to believe every movie I’ve ever watched, I believe to be CIA agents (or possibly Mafia, but given the area CIA seems more likely)] we unloaded the cool car, packed in Kaitlyn with a blanket and Jezzie, and head off for the fort. As you can see, Jezzie didn’t always stay in the car.

It was about a half-mile trail walk, and then there was about a quarter mile loop around the fort. There was an overlook of the river bend, which is why Drewery’s Bluff was such a strategic location during the Civil War.

We snapped some shots by the cannon, Kaitlyn played some, we walked some, Keith filled me in on some Civil War stuff, and then we strolled off for the car (where the CIA operatives were still talking in their minivan and sedan)(seriously, why else would you choose to park there?). A fun time was had by all!


One response to “Trip to Drewery’s Bluff

  1. Mom and daughter with ADORABLE matching hairdos! I can’t wait to see the pictures when Kaitlyn is old enough to do your hair!!!

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