Lights with Aunt Mandy

While we were in North Carolina (notice a trend with my posts today? I was going to try to post everything at once, but I think this is better), we went to the Festival of Lights at Tanglewood with my dear friend Mandy. Neither of us had been in years, and Keith and (obviously) Kaitlyn had never been.

It’s a trail winding through Tanglewood park that you drive through looking at hundreds of light displays, some animated. You listen to Christmas music, and you stop in the middle (at least we stop in the middle!) to peruse a little craft shopping area and have snacks – they have a marshmallow roaster! If you look at the enlarged picture of Mandy and Kaitlyn above, you will notice that Kaitlyn has marshmallow all over her mouth.

Mandy is incredibly skilled with children, and still had a bit of Kaitlyn novelty when we stopped. She managed to roast her marshmallows and eat/feed them – all while holding onto Kaitlyn! Keith with his S’mores kit and I with my marshmallows won’t even pretend we could have done that. We would have had to take turns. Really, Mandy could give seminars. She showed me the power of a pinky finger. Amazing.


One response to “Lights with Aunt Mandy

  1. You’re too kind!

    Meet me this Sunday after church at the Hilton in Ballroom B.

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