Lewisville Christmas Parade

While visiting North Carolina, Kaitlyn went to her first parade – the Lewisville Christmas Parade!

Doesn’t she look thrilled?

The parade is so long (floats, not route) that by the time the first floats reach the end, there are still many that have not yet begun! From where we were it took nearly half an hour for the parade to reach us from the beginning of the route, but there was still candy left for throwing. Since Kaitlyn mostly sat on Mommy or Daddy’s shoulders, Daddy or Mommy helped pick up candy “for Kaitlyn”, along with some help from Grandmama.

Below, from left to right: Kaitlyn waits for the parade to start from her stroller; Kaitlyn “smiles” from Mommy’s shoulders; when you’re on Daddy’s shoulders you can see really well – suck a thumb and enjoy!


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