December trip to Old Salem

While visiting Grandmama and Papa in North Carolina, we took an afternoon to walk around Old Salem. Growing up, Mom would take all of us to Old Salem with fair regularity. I’ve never once taken the paid tours, but have gone to a few school functions there. Since Suzanne had already explained the concept of a Moravian settlement to Keith while we were in Bethlehem, PA, we got to just walk around and enjoy the nice day.

I did get to explain Moravian choirs when we went through God’s Acre (that’s a Moravian graveyard, not just this specific one), and if you are curious about the choir system… ask a Moravian! I was trying to find a good link, and couldn’t find one by Googling. I must not be using good terms.

We made sure to make a few stops that were a tradition for Old Salem trips of my youth – Winkler’s Bakery, where we watched them make sugar cake and had to buy one (along with a loaf of bread and some tins of cookies), and the water pump. After Keith and I each had a sip, Kaitlyn got up and learned to pump water, and then lean to get a drink. She had a great time, but not much water!


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