Cat Capers

Kaitlyn loves kitties (or, “kenny”s, as she pronounces it). Nana and Pop’s cat, Otis, won’t let Kaitlyn get very close, but Grandmama and Papa’s cat, Tiger, was much more complacent.

After “meeting” Tiger again, and using “soft hands” to pet her, Kaitlyn was entranced. All weekend long she could be seen trotting after the cat.

Tiger loves to hide under the Christmas tree. She always has. She used to love to drink the water from the base. She’s not happy about Mom and Dad’s switch to artificial.

Kaitlyn spotted the kitty under the tree and crawled after her more than once – we just happened to be there with the camera this time. She also thought the cat really wanted to have a book read to her. Anytime she got close, and the cat didn’t run away, she frantically looked for a book to read to, or give to, the cat.

We’re not ready for a cat yet, but Kaitlyn sure likes playing with Tiger!


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