Other Christmas Lists

Keith’s List
Technically, he has a better list, but I think I lost it. I’ll add them when he thinks of them again, or I find it.

  • Air Compressor (tire pump, or big enough to hook up and use as power washer; whichever size it is, please let it plug into a DC power source (house plug), not just car source)
  • Craftsman plier set – no set in particular (here are a few for ideas)
  • Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Multipack
  • small TV with AV hookups (like for VCR or Xbox) (but not too small, because he wants to play video games on it)(to take in his work car, but doesn’t need to plug into car as he can use an inverter)(yes, that’s where he wants to play video games)(a portable DVD player with AV input would work, if it has a not too tiny screen, like this) here are a few, ok one



Us Stuff
Because we’ve been asked for things we both want
  • Portable DVD player (for car trips and the like) (preferably dual screen and with AV input, which Keith could use instead of portable TV for work)
  • Apples to Apples board game
  • simple VCR or non-subscription based Digital Video Recorder (DVR) (ie, not TiVo, because we’re far too cheap to pay for that every month if we won’t even pony up for cable!) an example here really we just want to be able to watch Survivor and Amazing Race together when neither of us is at work, and not have it nearly unwatchable by interference

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