Football…. Yeeeees!

Tonight as the NY Giants play the Jaguars, I realized how much every little thing we do influences Kaitlyn. When the Monday Night Football music started, Kaitlyn whirled around, looked at the TV and exclaimed “Football! Yeeees!”

Kaitlyn sees a great deal of football – Keith loves playing Madden on XBox, and the graphics do look a lot like watching a real game on TV. And she loves watching football with daddy – when the Giants or Penn State makes a particularly wonderful play he exclaims “Yeees!”, an exclamation Kaitlyn has gotten very good at mimicking. And she knows what “Touchdown!” means, and shakes her little tushie in a touchdown dance along with daddy, laughing gleefully.

She recognizes and can sing along with the Monday Night Football song – “Ba ba bom bom bom!”

I’m officially outnumbered in the house.

Some other things Kaitlyn has picked up:

  1. Examining something she finds neat and saying “oh, NICE!” I’m not sure which of us does this, but she clearly got it somewhere
  2. Touching her finger to her nose and saying “sssssss” after putting her stuffed animals to bed, mimicking Keith’s finger to lips warning to her to be quieter
  3. When the phone rings and Kaitlyn figures out that it’s Auntie Kris, she echoes Daddy and Auntie’s routine of “Wazzup?”, only it sounds more like “hazzaaahhhh”

One response to “Football…. Yeeeees!

  1. That is too cute!

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