Our Daughter is a Little "Odd"

Kaitlyn can count!

Well, kind of.

She can predict that five comes after four, seven after six, and nine after eight. She will count along when prompted for most other numbers up to 12.

But recently she’s added even more – she’s started counting on her own. But she can’t get away from those odd numbers! Just this morning she was very seriously, very deliberately taking goldfish one at a time from her bowl and “counting” while placing them on the tray: “Five, seven, nine”

Now to just fill in those even spaces!


2 responses to “Our Daughter is a Little "Odd"

  1. Very cute!

  2. odd, maybe yes… but after all, look at who her parents are?!?!?! I mean that in the kindest way possible. I do remember stories about the math your family did to determine washing dishes order– something of long division and remainders… counting odd numbers first isn’t really that strange after all… it’s cute! Love and miss ya Dohls!

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