Happy Birthday, Keith!

Today we celebrated Keith’s birthday – his 30th birthday!!!

We had a lovely family day with a trip to the Picture People, the purchase of a chest of drawers for Kaitlyn (from Unfinished Furniture World, so a bit of work left to do), house shopping with Kris, and a birthday dinner complete with Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake and presents.

Kaitlyn was more than a little fond of the cake (as is to be expected) and was very excited to give Daddy the present she had made.

Also recieved were cards, gift cards to TGIFridays (Keith’s favorite restaurant, and where we would have eaten dinner had his throat felt better), Civ IV (now to get it to work on our computer), the X-Men DVD set, a Penn State jersey and hat, the afghan I made him that he got at the fair, a sweater, a history book, and a big box of clothes (but it’s ok, because they were from his mom). Wow!


2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Keith!

  1. Happy Birthday Keith! Hope you had a great day… also I hope y’alls Halloween Party/gathering/etc. was a big success. I can’t wait to see photos of the big reveal of Dohlchester family costumes!!!! GO NITTAY LIONS!!! (Arn’t I learning well to be a Penn State wife-to-be!)

  2. Happy B-Day, K-man!

    Looks like you had fun! And it’s a good thing there was ice cream inside that cake in stead of styrofoam!

    Tee hee

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