There’s a Hole in the Floor!

We have a contractor working on our foyer. For those of you that have been to the house, you know how hideous and destructive the slate tile the previous owners put into the foyer was.

For those who’ve never been, trust us – it was bad.

The construction contractor is here this week preparing our foyer for the floor guys next week. On the first day he took out all of the slate, and started the repairs on the joists under the house. There was a hole about the size of a toaster that went straight down to the ground.

Today he took up the flooring to get at the joists the slate had damaged. By the time he had to leave this afternoon, the hole was about half of the foyer! A good bit was covered by a sheet of plywood, but there is still an uncomfortably large amount of open space.

Kaitlyn finds the whole process fascinating. She is in stages excited, scared, and nosy. Sometimes the sound of a circular saw sends her running for our arms; other times she is emboldened to peek around the couch, or try to run for a closer look.

Pictures of Kaitlyn and the foyer to come!


One response to “There’s a Hole in the Floor!

  1. There’s a hole in my house dear Liza, dear Liza.

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