A Fair to Remember

Today we hit the Virginia State Fair, and we had a blast! The first picture also shows what we did first – my Nimble Fingers (speed crochet) contest. As last year, I came in first. How exciting! Or you could say, as Keith likes to joke, I came in 3rd from last. Unlike last year, there were only three contestants. I still got the big ribbon, though, so I’m a little happy.

We checked out the other items (but I have to admit, I cheated and had already looked online), and here were the results: Granny Square Afghan (that I couldn’t mention before, as it was an early birthday surprise for Keith), 3rd place; Home Accessories (doily), 3rd place; Misc. Crochet (stuffed lion), 2nd place; and, most surprising to me, Beaded Jewelry (crocheted bracelet), 1st place!

After strolling through the arts and crafts exhibits (and noting that whoever teaches woodshop at ?? (forgot the name – d’oh!) Middle School is really an amazing teacher – seriously, if you go to the VA State Fair, make sure you check out Jr. Arts & Crafts), we sauntered over to the exhibition halls. Kaitlyn left bedecked in a plethora of stickers, shilling everything from the state police to ballot amendment votes, and toting a red CVS balloon. She didn’t care! They were stickers (“stickies!”) and a balloon (“b’oon”). She also got her picture taken as a snowman, watched the sand-sculptor, and grooved to the sight and sound of the square dance demonstration.

We made it outside just in time for the racing pig show. The announcer patter didn’t impress her, but the pigs sure did!

When that was done it was time for lunch! Kaitlyn enjoyed the picnic feel of raisins and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from home. Of course at home she uses a fork (“fok!”), so getting to bite in proved a little overwhelming. Keith was disappointed to find a real lacking in fried candy bars (we checked the whole fairgrounds), but settled on a bag of fried Oreos.

Then we hit the animal exhibits – especially The Big Red Barn. Kaitlyn was entranced by all of the animals. She got distracted by the dogs needing foster homes right inside of the door, but soon recovered to check out the pigs, the goats, the cows… One of the great things about the fair is all of the baby animals. Chicks being born, ducklings swimming, and friendly cows. Kaitlyn was a little shy to touch the calf, until it got so interested in her it poked its head out and nuzzled her hand. She was just getting into petting its soft nose when the mother gave out a soft “moooooo!”. Kaitlyn started, backed up, and was a bit more shy for the rest of the barn – especially around the cows.

It was getting late (for a little girl that was up early and had no nap), so we made a few more stops by the Antiques Mall (including the entrancing model train shop, where the conductor whistled the train at Kaitlyn until she was going “Woo! Woo!”) and headed out. We stopped by Gino’s, a north-side pizza/Italian place we enjoyed when we lived up that way, and hit the road for home. Kaitlyn didn’t make it home awake.

As you can see, she got her second wind once home and dressed for bed, but she fell asleep almost as soon as her head hit the sheets.

All in all, a great day for the Dohl family!


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  1. Sounds like fun!!!

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