Dutch Gap Bike Trip

Yesterday, after church and a short nap for the littlest one, the Dohls set out for a bike outing at Dutch Gap. We have biked there before, and really enjoy the trail (or what we’ve traveled on it!).

The trail is eight miles – four out and four back. Last time we only made it to the halfway mark (but we went about 6-7 miles total, since we took a lot of side trails). This time we stuck to the main trail and almost made it to the end.

Kaitlyn was excited as soon as she saw the bikes in the car, and the “hat”s (as she calls the helmets). She loves riding behind daddy, but her legs are getting so long that if she sticks them out she hits his feet!

When we were on an open stretch and could, we would ride side by side. The first time we did this Kaitlyn figured out that I was riding, too.

“Mommy! Hi, Mommy! Mommy bike!” she exclaimed, pointing at me. Then she poked Keith in the back and told me “Daddy bike.”

She patted her seat and said “Baby bike.”

Kaitlyn probably had the best time of the three of us, since she didn’t have a sore bottom after biking!


2 responses to “Dutch Gap Bike Trip

  1. Do you think I could ride on Kaitlyn’s bike the next time I visit? That would be fun!!

  2. I’m not sure Keith would agree to biking you around, and I think your legs are a little too long…

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