She Wonders How She Got So Lucky

I wish we had a camera at our side all day, so that we could share some of the truly priceless Kaitlyn expressions today, but even a picture would scarce do justice!

After a day with Mommy AND Daddy home all day, and then getting Chicken Parmesan and pasta (and rolls!) for dinner (Kaitlyn’s favorite “adult food”), she really hit the jackpot.

Daddy suggested we go out for ice cream.

Two nights in a row Kaitlyn got ice cream, and she thinks Friendly’s has better ice cream than Baskin Robins. Daddy had a five (5!!) scoop peanut butter cup sundae, Auntie Kris had a three scoop peanut butter cup sundae, and Mommy had one scoop of coffee ice cream with hot fudge. Who’s ice cream did Kaitlyn like the best? Mommy’s.

She clapped. She “oohed”. She bounced in her seat. She stuck her spoon out and exclaimed “Cake! Cake!” (we really tried to convince her it was ice cream). She covered her face in “Mommy Cake!”

Two nights in a row. She really wonders how she got so lucky.

In other news, BB got a bath. Now Kaitlyn’s neck smells like fabric softener from where she hugs BB in her sleep.


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