We Can See!

Yesterday Keith and I visited the eye doctor. Both of us were in dire need of new corrective lenses – I had been wearing my old glasses for nearly a month, and Keith’s glasses were so scratched and perma-fogged that it’s a wonder he could see at all. I now have bright, shiny, new tester contacts (my contact brand for 10 years has been discontinued), and Keith… has a prescription. He also got fitted for contacts, and after going for a session in “putting in and taking out” next week he will be glasses free, too.

We joked about how Kaitlyn – with all six of Keith’s family and all five of my family bespecked – has no chance to escape corrective lenses, but it turns out there is only a 75% chance that she will. Shocking! She probably will still need them, but there is a chance.

Contacts aren’t the only things helping us see – the power is back on. I had planned a lovely post with some summer pictures, but tornadic thunderstorms passing through the area cut our power just before Survivor. I was running through the house, closing windows, as the lights flickered and died. Kaitlyn wailed in the den, until I could pick her up as we stumbled for flashlights.

After a delicious dinner of peanut butter banana sandwiches for both of us, we hunkered down in the family room. Kaitlyn wasn’t sure what to think of the darkness. “Lights?” she questioned.

“No, honey, the lights are out,” I explained.

Her chubby legs ran over to the doorway, reached up at the light switch and said, authoritatively, “Lights on.” Just pick me up, Mom, I know how to turn them on!

“No, honey, we have no power. No lights.”

Furrowed brow. Deep thoughtfulness. “TV?”

“No TV. Lets go get a radio.” By the time we had a few candles lit and she was swinging her own little flashlight, she thought this was quite a fun game. Kaitlyn spun around, and swung her flashlight’s beam in high-arcs, dancing to the music. She decided to clean up her toys and ask to go to bed early (seriously, I’m not trying to say she was fussy, she really likes to go to bed), and after being convinced I couldn’t turn on the fan she settled down with BB and a flashlight-nightlight. BB still plays music, even when the power is off.

Keith had power all night, but I wouldn’t say he was comfortable, as he was working in the rain. The power came on sometime between when I went to bed and he got home – about 1am, if the clocks are to be trusted.


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