Flashback Friday: Biltmore Estate Trip

Here are some more pictures from our trip to Asheville, NC this summer. We stayed at the Mill House Lodge in Flat Rock, right outside of Asheville. They had a small lake with paddleboats and canoes, and our apartment opened right next to the spillway (at the “mill” part of the Mill House) with a lovely private deck.

Our second full day there we went to the Biltmore Estate. Grandmama and Papa had been before, but it was a first trip for the rest of us. Before we set out (not as early as the picture would have you believe) Uncle David treated Kaitlyn to part of his toast – her first breakfast of the day.

You can’t take pictures inside the actual house, so we have lots of pictures from outside.

Kaitlyn enjoyed the house more than would be expected. After a bathroom break with Grandmama, the pair wandered through the house and Kaitlyn made sure that she got held up to the windows of half-doors. She wanted to see what was going on! Naturally inquisative, or really, really nosy. You decide.

After the house tour, we all enjoyed a cool treat – huge ice cream cones! Even Kaitlyn got to try some, and when Uncle Stephen let her actually lick his cone (instead of a little spoon tip here and there) she made her move, grabbed the cone, and stuck her whole face in! Vacations are made for being a little spoiled; especially when your grandparents and uncles are there.
The day ended with a tour of the winery (and tastings for those of age and so willing) and a lovely dinner at an Asheville Italian restaurant. What a great trip!

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