Parenting Works

Sunday night I finally acquiesced that Kaitlyn could go to bed (what an odd child we have, that asks to go to bed), and she seemed very happy. I looked around the semi-messy family room and thought “I’ll throw the toys in the toy box before Keith gets home”. Then Kaitlyn picked up a book, walked over to the toy box, and plopped it in. She looked at me with pride (while I am in shock), and starts to sing “Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share…”

Her version sounded more like this “Keenup! Keenup! Rahrahrah. Keenup! Keenup!…” but we had sung this song often, so I recognized it at once.

We’re getting through! Parenting works! Wow!

In parent news (what do you mean you only read for Kaitlyn pictures?), the van gave us a scare with crazy whining noises. It turned out a bit of power steering fluid made all the difference in the world.

Word of the day: Zenana. Is this what Kaitlyn calls bananas? No. It is the word that Keith came *thisclose* to being able to play in Scrabble tonight. How do we know it’s a real word? It was seen while challenging “Zena” (even spelled Xena I would have called shenanigans). For those wondering, this links to Wikipedia’s definition of Zenana, but we’ll just leave it that it is in reference to a part of a building for women in Islamic and Hindu cultures.


3 responses to “Parenting Works

  1. I like how you say he almost got away with it. As if you want us to know that he didn’t, but that’s not the main point. The main point is the word, but we did pick up on the fact that he didn’t get to play the word. Well, I can’t say for your other readers, but I picked up on it! 😀

  2. If Kaitlyn want to go to bed–YEAHHH! More Kat time for you! And congrats on the good parenting so far! You’re good at it, she’s smart, and it makes for a good combonation! The trick will be to see how far into the terrible twos it lasts! Just make sure to keep practicing flower tossing for May, lol! I know she’ll do great (and be the star of the show b/c she’s so cute- but I can share the limelight with her!)!!!

  3. Of course he didn’t get away with it! I may not be cutthroat, but I’m not a pushover, either!

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