To the fair we go (or we will go)

*As of now, I’m going to write in first person instead of a weird third/second person mix.*

Today I packed up some items to go to the VA State Fair! Keith, Kaitlyn, Kris and I will all go to the fair on Oct. 5 when I will compete in the Nimble Fingers Speed Crochet contest for the second year. I have had many requests for pictures of a few of my items, so here we go!

First off is the duct tape purse and wallet pair. I made a lot of duct tape stuff in college, but this was Keith’s first introduction to my madness. Can you believe there is an entire category for duct tape items at the fair?

Here is the mini-tote (purse size) that I crocheted out of strips of plastic party tablecloths. The picture is a little dark, but it is purple, yellow, and speckled.

This lion was made for Kaitlyn’s nursery, but never finished in the whiskers. But she recognized it when she saw it on the table, and was very happy to say hello. I told her not to hold it, but that she could say hello, and give the lion a kiss. She chatted happily to the lion for a minute, and then grabbed it tight. I asked her to let it go, and then had to take it.

She was not happy.

I showed Kaitlyn the picture of her crying on the camera, and said “That’s a sad baby! Can you show me a happy baby?”

In other news of what a brilliant child Kaitlyn is, when we were climbing the stairs to go to bed, she counted the first three stairs very clearly “One, Two, Three” and then repeated other numbers up to about eight after me. I would doubt my own ears, but Kris was there and can vouch for it!

Kaitlyn’s Growing Vocabulary

  • The aforementioned counting to three
  • “Pepsi!”, while pointing to a two-liter bottle – yikes
  • “hand!” means ‘please hold my hand’
  • “hold!” has an implied “you”, as in ‘you hold my cup please’ is “hold! cup! please!”
  • Basically, and noun has an implied “my”, and any verb has an implied “you”
  • Favorite word of the week: “Hairbow!” With hair her length, she is understandably only happy when her hair is pulled up in a hair tie, but she also likes taking the tie out and waving it around.

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