Ice, Ice Baby

Kaitlyn’s dictionary grows every day.

One of her favorite words right now is “Ice!” (everything Kaitlyn says has an exclamation point) She guzzles water like it’s going out of style, but prefers it cold and ice filled (true irony, given Katherine’s ambivalence to the stuff).

“Ice! Ice!”

It’s one of her favorite phrases.

“Ice! Ice!”

Whether we’re at the refrigerator or she is or the refrigerator is back at the house and we are out shopping, she calls for it.

So we taught her, for our own amusement, to tack on another word she loves. “Baby!”

Our little Vanilla Ice.


One response to “Ice, Ice Baby

  1. Our pastor has a two year old who knows a lot of the lyrics. I was over at their house for dinner, and their son was yelling out “word to your mother!” Their five year old knows all the lyrics. I guess Kaitlyn would be in good company at our church. 😀

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