In like a Lion; Out like a Lamb

The “Terrible Twos” are upon us. Kaitlyn’s just precocious, getting there a few months ahead of schedule.

Today she threw one full-blown tantrum – over getting her diaper changed. We’re going to write it off a bit to being tired (after a bad night’s sleep with a stuffy nose), but this was really above and beyond tired.

In news that makes Keith want to throw a mini-tantrum, Kaitlyn has a favorite TV show. It’s not Sesame Street. It’s not Boobah. It’s not even Barney.

It’s Dancing with the Stars.

Katherine doesn’t mind, because of the way Kaitlyn watches. She dances along, and claps, and wants everyone else to dance along, too (that might be one of Keith’s sticking points). “Up! Up! Dance! Dance!” These are Kaitlyn’s favorite words during the show. She even cheered for Julio Iglesias singing an 80s song, though Keith and Katherine could just laugh.

Kaitlyn surprised us with saying “Dance, Daddy”, but also surprised us with “Hold, please” (holding out her water cup). We know she knows a lot of words that she doesn’t yet say, but each new word used so well still makes us marvel.


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