To the Doctor’s We Go

It was time for a checkup (and some dreaded shots) so Kaitlyn and Mommy went to see the doctor today.

Kaitlyn is tall, and not as chubby for her height as she used to be, at 33-3/4 inches and 33 pounds.

The doctor looked in her ears and eyes and mouth, just like we practiced at home, and when he listened to her heart and lungs, he listened to Jezzy’s heart and lungs, too (of course Jezzy came… for moral support).

While waiting for her shots, Kaitlyn completed Jezzy’s physical exam by using her tongue depressor to look in her mouth, identify her nose and ears, and listen to her heart. Jezzy, it was determined, is “good”, but “poo poo”.

Jezzy was very helpful during the shots. She hugged Kaitlyn, and so did Mommy, while the nurse gave one, two, three shots. While Kaitlyn looked very worried, she didn’t cry at all until the last shot (which the nurse warned would sting), and then she quickly recovered to say an emphatic “bye! bye!” to the needles and get the promised sticker (seen in the picture, opposite the arm holding BB, as Kaitlyn gets ready for a long overdue nap).

What a trooper!


2 responses to “To the Doctor’s We Go

  1. Good friends are great to have in a crisis! Especially when you fall down the stairs and the nurse insists you sit in a wheelchair and will not quit about the pregnancy test that is so completely unnecessary that they just don’t know!

    Miss you!

  2. Let it be known that it was Mandy that fell down the stairs. I was the one that made her sit facing the wall so that her leg was propped up, but she was all mad because she couldn’t see the junk on TV and the weirdos in the waiting room.

    What a baby. 🙂

    Miss you, too

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