Another Week

Another week has flown by here in Dohlchester – where does the time go? Last night we all made an uncharacteristic trip to Sagebrush for dinner, along with Auntie Kris. Kaitlyn was remarkably well behaved, but when a restaurant loses your order and the meal takes over 2 hours, you have to figure some mischief will slip in. She prayed for patience and help in being a “good girl” several times (she likes to pray), but she still managed to get a little overexcited with her balloon and used it to bop Keith’s drink – right onto Auntie’s lap! Really, it was funny, but not when Kris tells the story.

Speaking of Kaitlyn, we have some pictures! First, at the top is this week’s Sunday dress, handmade by Grandmama (or HKL Designs 🙂 ). Kaitlyn likes to twirl in this picture, and relishes the extra attention she gets from everyone who sees her when she looks so cute. Speaking of “Grandmama”, she’s closer to saying the word. Now she has “Mamama” and “Papa”, plus her “ookle”s (uncles). And she has really picked up on Uncle Stephen calling her “Niece”, and sometimes decides to proclaim herself “niece! niece!”

Picture two was taken by Daddy one morning this week when he went to get Kaitlyn from bed. It’s almost a given that she will have “B.B.” (Bedtime Bear) clutched tight, but this particular morning she had BB, Dolly, and Woof Woof (really cleaver names) all smooshed into her chubby little arms. Did this make her happy and content? Not really; she demanded to know where Ellie was (she was in the wash).

Last but not least, we have Kaitlyn with her newest form of transportation. Not that she just got the Tike Bike; she just recently learned to ride it. The Tike Bike was a gift with a curse – “that [Kaitlyn] will ride it just like [Keith] did”. Keith’s early childhood idea of fun with a Tike Bike was riding it repeatedly and purposefully (if you believe his dad) into his dad’s leg, until the day Pop rebelled and tossed the bike down the stairs. Yikes!

In other news (if you can call it that), we’ve basically decided not to renew our season passes to Busch Gardens. We need a sabbatical after two straight years to appreciate it more (and for them to open some new rides!). We’re thinking of getting passes to King’s Dominion, instead. That would include Carowinds, near-ish to Kat’s parents, and has just been bought by Cedar Fair parks, which included Dorney Park near-ish to Keith’s parents (and just plain near where the Millers will be living next summer)(when they are “the Millers”!) There would be the temptation to use the pass for Cedar Point, too, which could be a positive or a negative. If we go ahead and get passes, we can go to Fear Fest this fall, too. Hmmm, tempting. If we get passes, will any of you come with us? Mom? Suz and Steve? Anyone?


2 responses to “Another Week

  1. ADORABLE! Thanks so much for posting pictures. It means that it doesn’t feel like so long in between when I get to see your beautiful daughter. Now I just need a picture of mommy!! (hint, hint) 😉


  2. Mommy makes a point to stay *out* of pictures! 🙂

    And as editor, she has discretion to leave out any pics she manages to get into.

    But there are a few in the trip to Chimney Rock post.

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