A Week in Dohlchester

Another week has slipped by, and we have been remiss in not updating at all. But how could we supplant the picture of our cutie froggy girl?

How about a picture of Tante Suzanne and her fiance, Steve?

Suzanne and Steve are getting married in May of 2007, and this week Suzanne asked Katherine to be a bridesmaid and Kaitlyn to be the flower girl in her wedding. How exciting! Katherine and Suzanne met in high school (long story, involving a McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish sandwich) and bonded over being co-editors of the yearbook. Steve and Keith have a bond, though they had never met until last month, in that they are both proud PSU grads. Yay for Suzanne and Steve! Kaitlyn will have to practice her aisle-walking, but as much of a little flirt as she can be, it should help that she will be “on the arm” of the dashing 4-year-old ring bearer.

In other Dohlchester news, Katherine received her tags for entry at the State Fair, Kaitlyn discovered the joy of a “Tike Bike”, and Keith learned how to play football without ever running to the right. He was not all together successful, however.

One response to “A Week in Dohlchester

  1. Congrats to Suz!!!

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