Chesterfest 2006

One of the great things about living in Chester is that it is really working to create a small-town feel in what is basically a “bedroom” community. One of the ways they are doing this is by holding Chesterfest each year. This year is the 5th Annual Chesterfest, and our third time going. Wow, has it grown!

Kaitlyn’s two favorite parts were the Republican booth (where she got her prized flag which she gripped and waved for the remainder of the day) and the petting zoo. They had pony rides, too (at the very reasonable price of $4), but as much as Kaitlyn loved looking at the pony, petting the pony, and “arf!”ing at the pony, as soon as she thought for a second she was going to sit on the pony she went a little ballistic. OK, maybe some other time.

But she tired her little legs out running back and forth between the bunny pens and the main animal pen full of goats, a few sheep, and a llama. She does seem a little worried in this picture, though!!

We also tried out Pizza Express (although, oddly, no one got pizza), entered an estimated four thousand raffles (fingers crossed for Ruth’s Chris gift certificate!), and loaded up our buggy with one wooden Christmas ornament, a pack of “lawyer clay”, and brochures from the Chesterfield Historical Society. Sweet.

By the time we got home, Kaitlyn was ready for a nap, and it was off to work for Keith.


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