Chimney Rock, NC

In June the three of us joined up with Katherine’s parents and brothers for a trip to the NC mountains (Asheville area). We were going have just this one post of pictures, but there were so many excellant pics from our day at Chimney Rock (sadly, before Uncle David could join us) that this post is all Chimney Rock. **WARNING: lots of pictures**

First we have Little Miss K, getting ready to ride the elevator to the summit. She is helpfully pointing out the rock wall behind her.

Once we got to the summit, we rented a baby backpack (Keith was sweet enough to carry Kaitlyn all day)(well, almost), and headed up to the top of Chimney Rock. From there, we had views for miles around (although it was a bit hazy). Like father like son, Stephen and Dad both locked the binoculars on their eyes. What were they looking at?

A very short hike from the chimney was what is called the Opera Box. There were some neat old pictures of folks in there pre-guardrails wearing evening wear in honor of the name. We liked the guardrails, though.

For lunch we whipped out the cooler and cooked some hot dogs there at the park. Yummy! Kaitlyn enjoyed being spoiled – check out that Oreo mouth! She enjoyed the oreo eating more so than the extra-vigorous tooth-brushing that evening.

After lunch we hiked to the base of the waterfall. On our last trip (some 15 years ago) we took the path to the upper edge of the waterfall (through locations used for filming Last of the Mohicans), which was quite strenuous. We thought the moderate to strenuous hike would be better. Good choice, based on how tired these three got on the “less-strenuous” hike!

Getting to the waterfall made the hike (and the subsequent hike back) more than worthwhile. We have roughly 7 million pictures; here are a few.

The three of us at the waterfall. –>

<– Dad under the main waterfall.

The lower falls that Stephen scrambled all over. –>

As much running as Stephen did, he had enough energy leftover to volunteer to take Kaitlyn the whole way back, including the many stories of stairs to return the pack. Kaitlyn doesn’t seem to know what to think of this, but let us tell you that she sure thinks highly of her uncle! “Uncle” is now one of her favorite words. Coincidence? We think not.


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