Wednesday in Dohlchester

Tonight was movie night at Dohlchester (after Wal*Mart, Michael’s, Target, KMart, Sam’s Club night, that is).

We watched Nanny McPhee, a movie we had rented in the past but didn’t get to watch (long story, but in theory we still have a free rental floating out there, somewhere, but our Movie Gallery unexpectedly closed!) It had some cute moments, but on the whole was entirely derivative and predictable. That being said, if the kids want to watch it when they’re older, we won’t stop them.

If you’re looking for a movie with a quasi-magical nanny that brings a somewhat dysfunctional family to a happy ending, Katherine suggests Mary Poppins (Keith is distracted by the singing and dancing and can’t see what a great movie it is).

If you need the element of “unexpected” marriage across classes, Katherine suggests The Sound of Music. Keith’s objections to singing and dancing stands, however, and he says it is actually worse due to Nazis.


3 responses to “Wednesday in Dohlchester

  1. I really liked Nanny McPhee. I saw it in Scotland with the Brucinator (He’ll be back!).

    I loved how the Nanny became more and more beautiful throughout the movie. And then when the lady came back. What was her name? It was a stupid name! Anyway, she was sent off and she came back all “propper” and “done up” and everyone said who is that? And the dad said “It’s [insert really stupid name here]” and the kid said “no, it can’t be her! It doesn’t look like her!” (or something like that.

    And the dad said that she’d always been that beautiful.

    The whole movie is worth that line. Seriously. But that’s from a single woman’s standpoint. A single woman who is lacking a date.

  2. Evangeline.

    I don’t think she was prettier propper.

    I think that that line was a little like “You had me at hello”. OK, I can see how, standing alone, that could be sweet. But altogether? When it was seen 8,000 miles away?

    What really made me mad about the movie is that it made me mist up even though I thought it was predictable. Grr!

  3. But it has that quality that makes you mist up! We all knew what was going to happen. But we wanted it to!

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