A Few Pictures

What’s new in Dohlchester? Keith has put back in for evenings, and Katherine is still working some mornings. “What is it that Katherine does?”, you may ask. In fact, many of you have. Basically, I do marketing and web development (more web development at the moment) for Virginia Review, a professional journal for Virginia government. It’s not Vogue. But it is just one mile from the house, relatively in my field, with flexible hours and fine pay. Also, I am doing web development for a new site set to come live in the fall. More on that when it happens.

The picture to the left is of Kaitlyn being treated to one of Grandmama’s molasses cookies at White Lake. Just after this picture was taken, Kaitlyn thrust her other hand in the bag, too, and chose a whole handful of cookies. She was “persuaded” to just take one.

To the right is a picture from the Chesterfield County Fair. Katherine won 4 ribbons for crochet, for Kaitlyn’s “Just Like Daddy” blanket, for the bear from the nursery friends set, for the christening dress she pattern tested, and a blue ribbon for her first doily ever. Keith and Auntie Kris both enjoyed fried candy bars. Katherine and Kaitlyn (reluctantly on the SweetPea’s part) abstained. Kaitlyn did get to feed some baby goats and pet some animals, but she liked them better from a distance. The picture is from the “Corn Crib” sandbox of corn in the Kid’s Tent. Wow. Ok. A sandbox of corn. She had fun, though.

Then to the left is an older picture from before our PA trip of Kaitlyn learning to feed herself. She was very very proud of herself and very very messy. It would have helped if she had learned that a spoon goes bowl side down into the mouth, not flipped. Oh, and if she hadn’t stuck her goopy hands in her hair to take out her hairbow. She enjoyed feeding herself much more than the ensuing bath.

That’s it for this evening! Have a blessed Wednesday!


One response to “A Few Pictures

  1. Thanks for the pictures, Kat Kat! They’re great!

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