Back From The Lake

We made it back! Safe, sound, and 12 hours ahead of schedule. No pictures yet, but some were taken (of course!).

After figuring that we would need to leave by 8 am (waking up by no later than 6am) to get back in time for work, we decided that leaving at 8PM the night previous would make more sense. We would have had to go to bed not too long thereafter in order to get up, anyway.

The new location had no private pier, but that didn’t bother Kaitlyn! She saw the lake and exclaimed “Pool!” She was even more excited to see her family. And the cookies. A funny story that combines the two: Kaitlyn was given a Molasses Cookie (Grandma’s specialty, now made by Mom Hudgins), just as Grandmama (Kat’s mom) went to the ladies room. “Mmmmm!” she exclaimed. “You’ll have to tell Grandmama how much you like those.” She ran over to the bathroom door and banged on it yelling “Grandmama!! Grandmama!!” OK, maybe you had to be there.

Either White Lake has gotten “gikkier” or we’re getting old. It’s probably the old thing. While Kaitlyn didn’t seem to mind floating or walking through floating patches of lake vegetation, we had no desire to get in. But, loving Kaitlyn as we do, we waded, splashed, and floated for what seemed like hours a day. The “waves” thrilled her, and she laughed with delight as each one splashed against her. Why doesn’t this child love the bathtub?

The game tables were in full-effect. Nertz, Cranium, Taboo, Outburst, Apples to Apples… we make powerful allies, but terrifying opponents.

An M&Ms Pine Bark Update
This did not work well. (a) the M&Ms didn’t crush well in the food chopper; (b) the M&Ms didn’t melt well, and (c) the M&Ms didn’t spread well. There must have been a better way to do this. For the result I was going through I think that using milk chocolate chips with the usual recipe would be best, and then after spreading top with some M&Ms crushed by a rolling pin.

What did work well? Making the recipe with peanuts. Since I had the food chopper out, I ran a big handful (1/3-1/2 cup) of dry roasted peanuts through. I sprinkled about 1/2 of the small pieces over the saltines before pouring the butter/sugar over, then the other 1/2 of the smaller pieces before sprinkling the chocolate chips. I saved a small handful of larger chunks of peanuts to sprinkle over top of the chocolate once I spread it. Yum! THIS I can recommend.


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