Welcome! from the Dohls

Welcome to our blog! Many of you had visited our old webpage. We’re hoping this will be easier to update, and that means more pictures!

Speaking of pictures, let’s start with one. Here is Baby K in her angel wings. She seems shocked by the content of her book!

The summer is winding to a close. Just White Lake, and then it’s over. Isn’t it funny how an arbitrary date like Labor Day can really make you feel like such an end to a season? We don’t have kids going “back to school”. We don’t have crops to plant or harvest or whatever they used to do at the end of the summer. We have summer Busch Garden’s passes that expire September 3, but that’s it. It certainly will still feel like summer for a while here!

The picture on the right is Kaitlyn one of her “HKL Design” dresses. She will proudly tell you it has a duck on it. She will tell you the duck says “Quack!”. And then she will pull up the dress and say “See?! Elmo!” We have to work on that.

Kaitlyn Tricks

She has really fallen in love with her police car. I am teaching her to take the walkie talkie and go “*kkshk! kkshk!* Roger, roger! Backup, please!”

Speaking of “please” she has really gotten “Thank you!” down pat, but in an interesting twist has learned “You’re welcome”, too. So when she asks for something “peas! (please!)” and gets it, she responds with “Thank you you’re welcome”.

Kaitlyn loves meal times. But if you forget something… let’s just say she’s a little bit set in her ways. “Bib!” Okay, yes, let’s get your bib. “A MEN!” That’s right, let’s say the blessing. Suz and Kris have both forgotten the blessing portion, and been corrected mid-meal by Kaitlyn. There are worse things she could be picky about, I guess!

Well, that’s enough for one evening. Goodnight, and God bless!


One response to “Welcome! from the Dohls

  1. Kaitlyn looks like her nickname could be Miss Buggaboo! She’s a sweetie!

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